Buy 18k gold at 42€/g - Cash payment

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Do you want to sell your gold, jewellery, coins and bars at the best price?

Trust the expertise of Joaillerie Royale located in the famous Louise district in Brussels. In addition to fine watches and luxury jewellery, we buy back your gold and silver jewellery and branded watches at the best price. At Joaillerie Royale, we buy back your GOLD and SILVER jewellery for purely commercial reasons. Your jewellery is resold and not melted down, which is why our trade-in prices are more attractive than those of conventional gold buyers..

Why is your jewellery more valuable at Joaillerie Royale


  • Jewellery in good condition is refurbished and resold as second-hand jewellery
  • Damaged or broken jewellery, we also buy them to restore them
  • We buy back your jewellery at its true value
  • We also buy back the stones set in your jewellery in addition to the price of the gold
  • Gold watches are bought back at the price of the watch and not only for the gold
  • Branded jewellery is bought back at the price of the brand
  • Antique jewellery is bought back at its original value
  • Gold coins are bought back at their official stock exchange price
  • Prices are NET, no tax, no commission
  • Expertise / Evaluation free of charge and without obligation.



Info for FRENCH customers: Unlike France, in Belgium there is no tax on gold transactions. The prices displayed are NET and paid in CASH. The sale in Belgium is totally legal and more interesting than in our neighbouring countries, so the trip from France to Belgium is largely compensated by the gains from the sale of your gold.

Purchase of your gold jewellery, in good condition.

We buy at the best price and pay you immediately in cash.

The trade-in prices for your gold jewellery vary according to the following criteria:

  • Depending on the cts of your gold, it can vary from 9-24 cts
  • Depending on the model of your jewellery
  • Depending on the type of jewellery
  • We also take into consideration (unlike other buyers) in the price we offer the stones that are set on your jewellery
  • We also take into account (unlike other buyers) in the price we offer the brand of the jewel when it is signed by a known house.
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