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Question / Answers

Are the prices displayed on the internet the same as the prices once I arrive on site?

La Joaillery Royale guarantees you the highest price on the market but also respects the prices displayed on its website.

Get a quote from the competition and come to us last and see the big difference!

What is the minimum quantity to get the best price?

We have no minimum quantity, you have 10g or 500g we pay the same best price.

What are your payment methods?

All transactions will be paid immediately at the customer's choice: cash, cheque or bank transfer.

How to reach us from abroad (France) ?

Go to the CONTACT page to see the route.

Security ? 

For your security and ours, please note that we have little cash on hand, so please let us know in advance.

We are located in one of the most secure galleries in Brussels, with surveillance cameras and security guards on duty.

How do we recognize the title of the gold?

As a general rule, every piece of jewellery has a hallmark engraved with the title of the gold. Jewellery gold (yellow) is generally titled at 18 carats or 750/1000, i.e. 75% gold and 25% silver-copper alloy in general. Gold coins are graded from 21.6K to 24K or 900 to 999.9/1000. Finally the ingot is titled 24K or fine gold or 999.9/1000.

Is there any tax on the sale of your gold?

No, the resale of your gold is not subject to any tax in Belgium. Contrary to France. ( +12% minimum tax)

Can a French customer sell his gold in Belgium?

Yes, it is even very advantageous for the French to sell their gold jewellery in Belgium, you save 12% tax not applicable in Belgium and our prices are 10-20% more expensive than in France, you have in hand minimum 4-5 € per gram (100GR = 400-500€ more), moreover in France it is forbidden to collect cash unlike in Belgium.

Does La Joaillery Royale buy back jewellery with precious stones?

No. We specialise in the sale of second-hand jewellery, so we don't just buy the gold part but the whole piece, even if it's broken. When your jewellery is set with precious and semi-precious stones we take this into account when we make our price offer.

What happens to your jewellery after it is bought back ?

Your jewellery is refurbished and then resold as second hand in our shop.

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